Why Custom Molding Works Well in Medical Devices

Custom rubber molding is the best choice for medical devices for a number of reasons. Medical device developers can define the most appropriate flexibility, fit, appearance, chemical resistance, and other features for their product. Custom rubber molding for medical devices would be able to give the highest quality product that can perform better, be more […]

Rubber Grommets for Hoses, Wiring, and Cabling

Hoses, tubes, and pipes can be vulnerable to damage by repeated flexing or friction, exposure to the environment, and contamination by foreign materials. Damage to hoses, tubes, and pipes can certainly lead to safety issues as well. Aside from abrasions, grommets are also used in applications where hoses, wiring, and cables need insulation, vibration protection, […]

Origins of the Rubber Molding Machine

The modern rubber molding machine was actually adopted from the plastic molding process known as injection molding. Injection molding is a manufacturing process to make molded products by injecting a heated raw material into a mold cavity in which it is cooled and hardened into the mold shape. This system of manufacturing is still being […]

Benefits of Custom Rubber Molding

Rubber has become an indispensable material for many of our modern products, machinery, and even infrastructure. From the tires of our cars and seals on pipes to the anti-vibration pads on heavy machinery, rubber can be found everywhere. For companies using these products, you might consider custom rubber molding to get the most out of […]

Custom Rubber & Plastic Grommets

Finding a manufacturer that will supply your every need is not always an easy task. Sometimes you might find that certain companies will not make the product exactly as requested. This article will give you a basic introduction about grommets and whether custom grommets are right for you. Grommets are usually made of rubber, but […]

How To Mold Rubber

The rubber industry has grown a lot in the past of couple of decades. Rubber is product that everyone uses all around the world. Our ancestors before us would also use this product and improvise to make life easier. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t use rubber. It is used for […]

Why Is Recycling Rubber Necessary?

Rubber is in almost everything we can get our hands on, and we cannot go a day without using rubber. Although rubber is a renewable resource, it is still creating many problems for the environment when they are improperly disposed of. When rubber is burnt, it lets out many harmful gases. When people dump tires […]

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