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About COI Rubber Products

Coi Rubber Products was established to service the Rubber & Plastics Industry. We started in molded products serving the agriculture industry. Since then, we have expanded into a variety of rubber products which includes molding, extrusion, and rubber to metal bonding. Coi Rubber serves a wide variety of companies in different industries, some industries include the Automotive, Industrial, Food Processing, HVAC, Appliance and others. We offer injection molded rubber, or any custom rubber or plastic products. We offer competitive pricing, fast lead time, and US local customer and engineering service.


Custom Rubber Manufacturing

Coi Rubber Products is a full-service rubber manufacturing company that has the some of the highest rubber standards in the US rubber industry. With over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing, processing, and fabrication of extruded, custom molded, die cut, and laser cutting products. We strive to have excellent product guarantee and outstanding customer service.

Coi Rubber Products offers a large variety of customized rubber products for all types of industries. We provide competitive pricing on all custom rubber products, our rubber material is unmatched as far as durability and tolerance in the rubber industry. We have experience working with companies in automotive, appliance, heavy trucking, agriculture, medical, and HVAC industry.

We have an in-house team of individuals that is qualified and ready to meet any product requirements necessary. This includes FDA grade requirements, military specifications, and any other product specification that is needed within your industry. We have a large amount of experience to provide everything from the latest technological advances in rubber to completely custom rubber products.



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