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Coi Rubber Products has the flexibility to efficiently and economically handle virtually any product size in both large and small volume runs.  A wide variety of press equipment allows us to match your product to the best machine for the job.

Most components manufactured products can have an assortment of methods in manufacturing.  This includes compression molding, injection molding, transfer molding and various other ways of making rubber.  Depending on your volume, product life cycle and expected geometrical design, Coi Rubber can produce to you our best recommendations starting from method to manufacture, press size, cavity, insert share mold, and various other options such as alternative materials found within the resin family.  In today’s competitive field of material development, chemists have provided leading solutions to produce materials and manufacturing cost reductions with options that counter the traditional labor intensive high cost of slow cycle times and waste provided in tradition methods of molding a rubber component.  Allow Coi Rubber to be part of your project and learn what is most important to you today!

  • Reduced costs due to faster cure cycles and higher production rates
  • Less opportunity for air entrapment
  • Improved rubber-to-metal bonding
  • Efficient Work Flow
  • Automation
  • Creation of special work cells
  • Better Logistics

Injection Molding

  • Perfect for large volume runs of small-to-medium size parts
  • Good for intricate metal inserts, thin-wall diaphragms and similar components requiring uniform physical properties
  • 300 ton to 1000 ton clamping pressure

Transfer Molding

  • Well-suited to bonding rubber to small, delicate metal parts or producing small parts from large multi-cavity molds.

Compression Molding

  • Perfect for large “bulky” parts and expensive, exotic compounds
  • We feature a 72″ x 72″ Press, 10′ x 42″ Press, 10′ x 30″ Press, 54″ x 60″ Press, and several smaller presses

Rubber to Metal Bonding

  • Automated metal preparation coupled with innovative molding processes allow us to produce superior rubber-to-metal bonds


  • NRM Cold Feed Extruder
  • Barwell C-2 Preformer
  • 60″ Mill
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