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Applications in the chassis and underbody systems that call for rubber products includes; shock absorber seals, CV boots and liners, vibration mounts and air springs, all of which contribute to the smooth ride all drivers want. Hoses, cups and boots provide the performance necessary for critical braking and steering systems.


Brakes are one of the most critical parts on an automobile and rubber parts used in such applications need to be able to withstand the extreme environmental hot’s and colds, as well as the frictional heat produce from everyday braking. Some of the applications Coi Rubber manufactures are shown below.  These are the types of parts we make from a molded method, rubber to metal bonding, and other techniques in which we make from compound to a finished good.  We even do kitting and various types of assembly and complex workshop work flows to reduce your cost and bottom line. Coi Rubber’s molded rubber products are manufactured for outstanding quality, durability and performance.  We specialize in standard and custom rubber formulation to meet the specifications of a wide variety of applications.  Our team is ready to put their expertise to work for each customer, no matter how challenging the project.  Coi Rubber provides fast prototypes and meets tight deadlines on short turnaround projects.


Coi Rubber offers varying types of automotive products with rubber to metal vibration isolators.  These are designed and manufactured specifically for the application. These isolators can diminish vibration, impact or shock.  The noise vibration (NVH) reduction is proven through cycles testing during application use. Examples of vibration control devices currently being manufactured are listed below.


Rubber Booster Diaphragms
Brake Diaphragms
Rubber Brake Caliper Components
Standard Brake Drum Components
Auto Brake Booster Components
Brake Master Cylinder Components
ABS System Components
Break Cap Seal
Brake Hose
Dust Cover Seals
CVJ Boot
Pedal Pads
Gear Covers
Caliper Piston Seals
Caliper Piston Boots
Engine Mounts
Center Bearing Support
Linear Mass Dampers
Body and Chassis Mounts
Shock Absorber Bellows
Shock Absorber Seals
Vibration Dampening Material rubber exhaust hanger
The need for high performance elastomer’s in engine and powertrain systems is on the rise because of the higher engine temperatures, extended warranty periods and the growing need to reduce engine emissions. Coi Rubber’s family of elastomer’s used in automotive rubber applications addresses these needs, as well as, an array of other functional applications. Viton ® is a registered trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or affiliates


Engine gaskets and seals used in engine applications require an elastomer that demonstrates great fuel and high temperature stability and Viton® fluoroelastomer is typical the compound of choice for such applications. Products that Coi Rubber produces that use Viton® include: fuel injection seals, fuel pump seals, manifold gaskets, diaphragms and other applications that require custom molded rubber products.
With the trend of engine and powertrain systems pushing sealing materials to their limits, Coi Rubber has responded by developing new materials.  These new materials meet these strenuous demands. Thus, it is also very cost efficient.  Most compound testing are validated both at CNAL labs along with state side leaders like ADRL.  On top of that it is allowing us to offer a very competitive pricing.


Power Steering Seals
Many of the power steering applications of today use high-pressure hydraulic systems. Seals for these applications include an input shaft seal and inner and outer rack seals. Moreoever, the input shaft seal also called a pinion seal are for shafts with slow oscillating rotation, and they have operating pressures that are 10 to 20 psi. The outer rack seal and inner rack seal are reciprocating applications and can see pressures up to 1500 psi. Typical rack seals will have plastic PTFE back-up rings to prevent seal lip blowout. Power Steering hoses require elastomer’s that are able to perform well under a number of different conditions. For example, the elastomer will need to have high tolerances for oil, heat and ozone resistance because of the demanding conditions of transmission and engine systems. It must also be able to withstand high temperatures and have the durability for long term life applications


The cylinder head gasket is most important seal in the automotive engine. The Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) gasket is the automotive industries preferred method of sealing between the cylinder head.  Also this is part of the engine block. This thin layer of elastomer is essential to the structure by providing a sealing action to the metal surface imperfections, while resisting aggressive gases, oils and coolants. Nitrile (NBR) is an elastomer in many of these types of applications. However, fluroelastomers, more specifically Viton®, is quickly getting attention for its high temperature resistance and its aggressive resistance to fluids such as, fuels, fuel mixtures, coolants, oils and combustion gases.


The Automatic Transmission is a complex system combining several different applications, posing a challenge for seal designers. Typically their are two main types of transmission designs: rear wheel drive and front wheel drive, both requiring seals to prevent any leakage. In addition, rear drive designs, typically employ an input seal to prevent leakage of transmission fluid at the interface between the torque converter and the transmission case. Front drive designs also use an output seal to prevent leakage past the output shaft.


Engine mounts are rubber to metal bonded components used to isolate vibration, absorb shock and support load. Coi Rubber’s engine mounts are highly durable and heat resistance.