Industrial Components

Finding the right partner in manufacturing your industrial components is never more important than before

Across many markets, hundreds of companies rely on Coi Rubber to provide exceptional rubber products and services to support their success. We make it OUR business to learn YOUR business so we can provide application, material and assembly assistance when needed. And, make certain our products meet or exceed OEM performance and material specifications to ensure safety and efficiency.

In today’s competitive market, buyers do not only reduce cost due to procurement strategies such as vendor reduction.  It is even further more important to buyers to ensure that value is added to the performance of their products.  Building a strong supply chain with the ability to bring value added experience to the table builds quality into your final product.  When you win, we win!  Customers across a wide variety of markets have confidence in our over 50 years of experience, our diverse network of contacts and our ability to meet all of their needs on time, every time.

These markets include

Transit/Transportation — rubber bellows, door and window seals
Construction — sweeper bumpers, elevator astragals, elevator door seals, window glazing seals
Recreation — sponge and foam rubber die cut parts, bowling pin holders, shock mounts, bumper pads, marine bumpers
Tier 2 Automotive — door and window seals using HATS (heat activated tape), rubber spacers, window fillers, shock absorber blocks
Heavy Equipment — tubes, body pads, door and window seals
Power Tools — sanding pads and core protectors
Appliance — rubber bonded-to-metal parts, panel grommets, square tubing
HVAC (Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning) — refrigeration compressor grommets, anti-vibration grommets, formed drain tubes, assembled kits, mandrel formed hoses, compressor plugs and caps, cabinet door seals, drain pans, motor shaft seals, round and square pressure switch tubing, caps, couplings