Facilities in USA & China

Our footprint with assets both in Los Angeles, CA USA and Anhui, Shanghai, Zhe Jiang China allows us to perform the best value possible in servicing your every needs.  The potentials and value we offer you is endless.  It is our business to Learn your business needs and we’re ready to accommodate.

Most of the below lists could be performed in either facilities whether in US or in China.  With warehouse, fully trained and experienced staff we can supply your needs both in USA and in China where projects are handled in real time and accountability and accessibility at the cornerstone of Coir Rubber’s service is number one policy.

Global Sourcing For A Global Economy

Expanding Markets – Decreasing Costs

Today most companies utilize global sourcing as a key component of their procurement strategy to expand or develop markets as they look to decrease costs.

At Coi Rubber Products, we leverage our experience with your requirements across our manufacturing and resource base to design, develop, manufacture and deliver components, assemblies and finished product.

When we combine our expertise in materials development and design assistance, with manufacturing and supply chain management, you and your end users benefit.

Kanban replenishment

We can pull from our inventory based on your actual and exact requirements. Our accurate and specialized inventory tracking systems make your job easier and your processes more efficient.
Kit assembly

Our on-site team performs a variety of kitting duties including gathering parts in bags for any application to enable fast and correct installation.

Additional value-added services include:

Bonding rubber to metal during the molding process
Application of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA)
Application of heat activated tape systems (HATS)
Short run production and experimental work for prototyping
Inventory programs
Application of anti-friction coatings to extrusions
“Show Surface” quality finish

Flexible control methods

We also provide services that extend far beyond our custom rubber parts & products. We build flexible control methods into every job with planned production and other processes.

Accept schedules electronically and adjust shipments accordingly
Control your dimensions with statistical process control when needed
Trace supplied parts from production back to raw materials with lot traceability
Provide current information on your order status

Coi Rubber offers these services to ensure that your rubber parts and products meet the needs of your company!

Coi Rubber Plant and Equipment Listing