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Coi Rubber is an industry leader in not only low cost manufacturing with our core base of manufacturing founded in Anhui China, but also an expert leading the industry in design, manufacturing and distribution of our products throughout the world.  With our capabilities serving a wide range of industries, making the part correctly to your design or leading the developmental process is our job.  Our custom rubber molding capabilities start from design, prototyping, and low cost mass production of rubber to ensure that your project reaches the most competitive solution in any custom rubber molding of a final product.

The latest CAD software is used both with Engineers in China and US so that our communication, development and production reaches its full potential once used in your final application.  Whether it is the geometrical design or custom compound selection, our custom rubber molding department will work with your team to ensure that the optimal efficiency in form, fit and function is achieved.  This is all done with cost efficiency in mind to maximize your bottom line.


Custom Molded Rubber Parts Examples by Category:Coi Rubber Custom Rubber Molding

  • Rubber-to-Metal Bonded and Rubber-to-Plastic
  • O-rings and Rubber Seals
  • Rubber Bellows, Convoluted Boots & Bellow assemblies
  • Rubber hose, reinforced hose, mandrel formed hose
  • Rubber diaphragms and fabric reinforced diaphragms
  • Rubber dampers & noise, vibration, & harshness (NVH)
  • Rubber grommets & grommet assemblies