Rubber Diaphragm Industry Applications

Rubber diaphragms and fabric reinforced rubber diaphragms are critical to the operation of equipment and systems in the industrial, automotive, aerospace, oil, gas, medical instrumentation, and pump and valve industries.  If a dependable and accurate response to a hydraulic or pneumatic pressure change is needed then almost certainly a diaphragm seal is required.  Coi Rubber is experienced in engineering and manufacturing solutions for diaphragm applications including: pumps, pneumatic pumps, high pressure pumps, pressure gauges, vacuum pumps, air compressors, fuel pumps, metering pumps, actuators, pneumatic actuators, thermal actuators, wax actuators, and control valves.

Fabric Reinforced Rubber Diaphragms

We provide a variety of custom molded fabric reinforced rubber diaphragms designed and engineered for specific industry applications, including pneumatic actuators, pumps and control valves.  Our years of experience in the gasket manufacturing industry has proven that certain applications demand that a rubber elastomer layer must be very flexible and tough in order to withstand repeated flexing over a long lifetime.  It is required that each and every custom molded rubber diaphragm be able to handle mandatory operating temperatures and also be resistant to any chemicals, fluids or gases it may come in contact with.  The construction of fabric reinforced rubber diaphragms is achievable using special reinforcement materials including:

  • Polyester (Dacron)
  • Polyamide (Nylon, High Strength)
  • Cotton
  • High-Temp Polyamide (Nomex®)
  • Liquid Crystal
  • Polymer based fabrics (Vectran®)