Why Custom Molding Works Well in Medical Devices

Custom rubber molding is the best choice for medical devices for a number of reasons. Medical device developers can define the most appropriate flexibility, fit, appearance, chemical resistance, and other features for their product. Custom rubber molding for medical devices would be able to give the highest quality product that can perform better, be more durable, have more custom features, and even provide greater comfort to the user.

Rubber Molded Medical Device


Molded medical rubber products can be specified for different levels of flexibility. Take for example, medical tubing might need to be flexible enough to be able to roll on a spindle or just rigid enough to prevent kinks and disruptions in the movement of its contents. Molded medical components often demand a certain range of flexibility in order to carry out its purpose. Think again about the medical tubing, if the tubing’s hardness is not appropriate for its use the tubing might actually crack or leak during its operation!


The molded rubber used in medical devices is usually translucent in its appearance, but the rubber can also be colored using silicone inks. Custom color options for medical devices can improve appearance as well as enhance its function. For example, darker colors such as black may be preferred for hiding view of the contents of the medical device – due to light sensitivity of the content or other reasons. Different colors can also be used to quickly differentiate the medical device for different uses and to prevent critical mix-ups.

Chemical Resistance

Rubber medical components can be resistant to some chemicals by their material properties. However, when you choose custom molding, you can additionally specify your product to be treated with a special coating which will allow an even wider range of chemical resistance.


The exact geometric measurements of a medical rubber component are critical to the functionality of the device. If the component does have the proper seal or the correct size of circumference, the component could actually cause leaks and malfunctions during its operation. Using custom mold manufacturing, the exact dimensions of the component can be specified to within the needed tolerance for your purpose.

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