Which Rubber is Fire Resistant

Which Rubber is Fire Resistant

What Are the Fire Resistant Rubber?

Neoprene, Viton, and silicone are all fire resistant rubber.

Neoprene’s Fire Resistance

Although Neoprene was designed for its various oil and chemical resistant properties, Neoprene can also withstand burning and high temperatures. Neoprene is rated for operating temperatures up to 200°F. When heated past 200°F, Neoprene may stiffen. Neoprene does not begin burning until its temperature reaches 500°F. You can find Neoprene in fire-resistant applications such as fire door seals and firemen suspenders.

Viton’s Fire Resistance

Viton is superior for high temperature sealing. Viton is rated to seal up to 400°F and is not affected by most hydraulic fluids. Viton can be found in firewall seals, fabric covers for jet engine exhausts, and hot engine hoses. However, keep in mind Viton is a fluoroelastomer which may release hydrogen fluoride, a dangerous gas, at high temperatures.

Silicone’s Fire Resistance

Silicone is highly heat resistant. Silicone can withstand high temperatures from 392-572°F. Uses of of silicone include voltage line insulators, automotive spark plug boots, and exhaust pipe hangers. Silicone does not ignite easily. Even when it does, burning silicone does not release toxic products.

How Do You Measure Rubber Fire Resistance?

Coi Rubber follows established standardized testing for your product requirements. A common fire resistance standard in the automotive industry is FMVSS 302 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 302) in the USA or ISO 3795 in Europe, Canada, and Japan. FMVSS 302 specifies burn resistances for components of occupant compartments of motor vehicles. Where smoke and heat release is a concern, ASTM E1354 measures effective heat of combustion, smoke production, and more. You may have also heard of UL 94, a test standard typically used to test thermoplastics used in appliances and other devices.

Learn More: ASTM E1354-17

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