Why Is Recycling Rubber Necessary?

Rubber is in almost everything we can get our hands on, and we cannot go a day without using rubber. Although rubber is a renewable resource, it is still creating many problems for the environment when they are improperly disposed of. When rubber is burnt, it lets out many harmful gases. When people dump tires into landfill sites, they don’t know how damaging it is for everyone. When tires are left out in open spaces, insects and mosquitos use that as a place to breed. There is more than one type of toxic gas; some of those include lead, styrene, dioxides, etc. Some of these harmful toxins can cause cancer and damage the central nervous system. Burning tires is not a very good option, as disposing of this material should be done properly to prevent harm to ourselves and the environment.

Anything that can be reused should always be recycled. Rubber is a very useful material. Recycled rubber can be used in many ways such as insulation blocks, seals, washers, gaskets, etc. Rubber flooring is the best option for remodeling a house, because it is very durable and inexpensive. Rubber mulch is the best material for seesaws, climbers and swings because rubber is very durable and can last a long time. Rubber mulches are strong yet soft enough to prevent injuries.

Recycle Rubber

Recyclable rubber can be used in most types of wheels; some of which include trucks, bicycle, cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles. Automobile companies have started to use reclaimed rubber, because a higher profit can be made and it is also more affordable for the customer. Synthetic and natural rubber is more expensive than recycled rubber. VCR and DVD players also use rubber to open and close the device with a rubber belt. Footwear companies have also started to reuse rubber because it is more durable. There are many types of things that can be made by reused rubber. It is safer for the environment, more durable, and also cheaper.

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