What is Rubber Used For?

What is Rubber Used For?

What is Rubber Used For?

Rubber is seen in almost every product you see in your daily life. For example, if you drive a car you are relying on multitudes of rubber products every day. Rubber parts found in cars include tires, hoses, gaskets, covers, and bumpers. When you go to an airport, you will likewise find hatch seals and covers, grommets, and bumpers made of rubber on an airplane. In your home, appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners contain rubber vibration mounts, tubings, and seals for them to work properly. You can also find rubber in safety features of children’s products, critical seals in medical implants, power tools, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, pet toys, and many more. According to a study conducted by The Freedonia Group, the world rubber demand is projected to reach 35 million tons per year by 2019. This shows that rubber industry has not reached its peak and will continue to play an important role in our daily life.


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Coi Rubber Products, Inc. is a custom manufacturer of molded rubber and plastic components. Coi Rubber has over 28 years of experience in Engineering, Design, Compounding, Prototyping, and Production of molded rubber and plastics. Our capabilities include custom compounding, injection molding, compression molding, transfer molding, extrusions, rubber-to-metal bonding, insert over-molding, and more. We provide large scale production and engineering support to the Automotive, Industrial, Agriculture, Appliance, HVAC industries, and many more. Coi Rubber is ISO/TS 16949:2009 and MBE certified.


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