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Why Custom Molding Works Well in Medical Devices

Custom rubber molding is the best choice for medical devices for a number of reasons. Medical device developers can define the most appropriate flexibility, fit, appearance, chemical resistance, and other features for their product. Custom rubber molding for medical devices would be able to give the highest quality product that can perform better, be more […]

Rubber Molding for Medical Devices

Rubber molding is used to make almost endless types of items such as shoes, football gear, car parts, etc. It is eye-opening how nearly everything we use contains some type of rubber component. Natural rubber can be harvested then processed into usable and versatile rubber; however, natural rubber contains proteins which may cause sensitivity in […]

Rubber Grommets for Hoses, Wiring, and Cabling

Hoses, tubes, and pipes can be vulnerable to damage by repeated flexing or friction, exposure to the environment, and contamination by foreign materials. Damage to hoses, tubes, and pipes can certainly lead to safety issues as well. Aside from abrasions, grommets are also used in applications where hoses, wiring, and cables need insulation, vibration protection, […]

Tight Tolerance for High Quality Molded Products

Perhaps you’ve heard high quality product should have “tight tolerance,” but do you really know what level of tolerance is suitable for your product? Depending on the end use of the product, tight tolerances may or may not be necessary for the product. Most consumer type products do not require more than the standard tolerance, […]